Chinatown’s Pui Tak Center Serves as a Gateway for New Immigrants in Chicago

“They come here to learn, and they come here to make friends.”

The Pui Tak Center, located in Chicago’s historic Chinatown neighborhood, answers this call, according to Transition Services Coordinator Sandy Louie. The Chinese Christian Union Church founded this community center, and it is located one block south of Pui Tak, on Wentworth Avenue.

Nearly 800 students from 16-80 years old, attend classes to their assimilation process, free of charge. State and federal grants fund these classes.


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Photos: Life at the Dirksen

Media Credit: Tiffany Boncan

It seems like the entire city has been held in suspense while we wait for the jury to come up with a verdict in the Blagojevich trial. Jury deliberations have continued for ten days now, while both Robert and Rod Blagojevich await their fate.

I tasted a bit of what life is like at the Dirksen Federal Building today, and was pleasantly surprised. When my boss asked me to run a legal pad down to the Dirksen, I thought it would be a quick trip into the soup that is Chicago humidity, and then back to making calls at the assignment desk. Continue reading