New Video Coming Soon!

Hello all. I hope this post finds you well. It’s been a very, very long time. I’ve missed you.

Now that I have more time to blog, I’ve got some new goodies for you all to enjoy:

  • New packages to post from my last year in school
  • Links to a couple shows I anchored for Good Day DePaul
  • Some context on the articles I’ve posted to my Print/Online tab
  • More thoughts I’ve been wanting to explore recently
  • A resume reel? Yes? I hope so.

I’ll get these up asap. Happy reading!

P.S. This guy might be the reason why I’ve been slacking on the blog work – and my web producing job at FOX Chicago News. Per-Diem isn’t so bad when you’re working almost every day! Thank God for the opportunities to work… Oh so happy lately 🙂

Twenty-Somethings of the 21st Century: We Are Worth Waiting For

To be a twenty-something in the 21st century is to be distinctive from any other generation of young people who have come before us. Defining this generation, exploring their behaviors and choices, and passing judgment on whether or not this is the right way to live, has been the task of many writers outside the age group.

But this writer would like to take a stab at characterizing her own kind, to see if there might be a more accurate portrait to paint, a more optimistic look at the people that are responsible for the future of this society.

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BeMoved® Brings Dance to a New Demographic

Awaken the body, stimulate the mind, free the soul.

Sherry Zunker, 50, was looking for something new. As the former Artistic Director of River North Chicago Dance Company, Zunker had 30 years of dance and choreography experience under her belt. She need a way to exercise and stay healthy, but none of the workouts or classes she had tried held her interest. They did not satisfy her desire to create, to perform, to be an artist. As she put it, “I like yoga. But it isn’t dance.”

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