On the Sexualization of Young Women in the Media

You can blame the film industry for portaying young women as sex objects…or you can blame yourself. Especially if you are a parent of that sex object.

Parents must be more engaged in raising their sons and daughters. The public can place blame on film and television all they want for portrayals of the female form, and its effect on the self-image these young women create as a result of being exposed to the media. But if parents raise their daughters to be confident in themselves, to be skeptical of popular culture, and to take only what makes them stronger and better from what they watch, young women would be much better off in today’s society.

Transformers 2

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On Writing about Myself

I was asked to write about myself. This is what came out. I hope I can keep you reading until the end. 🙂
I’ve been telling stories for as long as I can remember. But they were always other people’s stories, never my own. There is a certain satisfaction that comes along with sharing the most interesting snippets of life with another, especially with someone who otherwise would have never heard them.

It’s Been Entirely Too Long. But I’m Coming Back, Baby.

I have missed you all terribly. But I hope the holidays treated you well, and that your 2011 looks promising!

I took a much needed break from writing to focus on friends and family. To be quite honest, the inspiration just wasn’t there. But boy, are we back in business now. Recent events have gotten me all fired up, and hopefully I’ll be posting yummy morsels for you to read and watch very very soon.

Thanks to those who have been checking periodically, or stumbling upon my blog by accident. It helps to know that my absence hasn’t driven you all away. I look forward to your critiques and support every time I post. 🙂

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Aspiring to be: Lara Logan

I’ve found a new hero. Late to the game, considering how old these interviews are. But Lara Logan is officially my new idol. She is everything a modern day journalist should be: informed, passionate, resourceful, authoritative, charismatic, and wary of what has become of our industry. Logan was not afraid to speak her mind and address a growing problem in front of the very audience who should listen, who can do something about what’s happening:

Interview on The Daily Show

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Five Things I Love About Reporting in Chicago

I took a walk with a friend the other night, from campus to Fullerton Beach, to North Avenue Beach, and back through residential Lincoln Park. During those times of comfortable silence, I could not help but look up at the beautiful architecture, listen to the quiet wind, and smile at the people passing by. I fell in love with Chicago all over again. That realization inspired this post. Continue reading

Taking Chances Can Be Very Rewarding: Reporting on Mark Kirk with CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole

There’s a first for everything.

When I woke up this morning, made a decision. I would ask to go out on a story with a reporter today. Resolved, I walked into work, and asked my fellow intern, Joshua Clark (check out his work, the guy’s awesome) whether he had been asked to be put on his first story, or if he went after it himself.

Josh looked at me and said, “Girl, where’s the hunger?”

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Rethinking My Future. Am I on the Right Track?

Telling stories has always been my passion. Perhaps passion is too strong a word. My desire? My instinct? My first choice? Or maybe something I simply enjoy doing.

One can tell stories in many different capacities. Up until now, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I want to be on air. I want to report. I want to get information to people who need it, and tell the stories that need to be told. But is this the best way for me to tell them? Continue reading