First Package for Good Day DePaul, Our University TV Newsmagazine

Latest package, first for Good Day DePaul. Figured I’d start out with a university story, suggested by our faculty advisor. Not too enthused about this one – should have corrected the lighting for my open, and the editing is a bit quick. Didn’t have a lot of time for turn-around. But… it is what it is, and I’ve put my name on it, so I like it.

I’ve gotten positive feedback so far – but maybe they’re only being nice?

Better stories to come, my friends, better stories to come. Harder, more thought provoking stories. I promise.

So, here we go 🙂

P.S. I forgot how awful it is to lug equipment around. I might just have to do a story on how bad it is for one’s health – especially when you’re as small as I am!

Three Angles. Two Hours. One Chance to Ace My Final Exam.

For our TV II final exam, we had to conceptualize, interview, shoot, write, edit, and produce a package in two hours. For an amateur team like Erin and I, this was no easy feat – especially since the rain decided to pay Chicago a visit that day. But let me tell you, the gray skies did not stop me from getting some great interviews. How I love Chicago people…

So here we were with the assigned broad topic: How has the economy in America affected Chicagoans’ summer travel plans?

We had three ideas for stories. First, we thought of cover the most basic side of it. We could go around asking people how their vacation plans have changed, if at all, and talk to tourists about coming to Chicago. Blah.

Then we thought we could try talking to local business owners to see if business has slowed during peak times, if less tourists are coming round, or if nothing has changed. But it would be too hard to get interviews on such short notice, and we would have to cover too much ground in the short time we had to film.

Finally we came up with this idea: Explain how the economy has affected Chicago residents, have people talk on why it’s still a great place to visit, and suggest how they might be able to be tourists in their own beautiful city.

Do you think we pulled it off?

P.S. This is the raw version. This is what we turned in under the time limit. No time, lower thirds, corrections, revisions, or feedback. Have mercy. 🙂

Social Issue Story

Assignment: Build a story around a social issue, around a topic people encounter every day. Research. Interview. Shoot. Write. Edit.

I chose to write on crash diets, and college dieting/nutrition in general. It was our last package before the final.

Lisa, my professor, said this was my best package to date, give or take a few minor things I could change. How do you think I did?

Alex ‘Excel’ Cruz

Here is my latest package. The assignment was a profile story, which I have never done before. In essence, you people get to see this baby first, in all it’s amateur glory 🙂

I chose to build a story around up and coming artist Alex ‘Excel’ Cruz. He’s not your typical Filipino twenty-something from the burbs. Excel took the time to talk to me about how he hopes his music might be able to bridge the gaps in society – generational, socio-economic, artistic… After listening to his work, I bet he will!

Check him out:
MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter
Features: SoundClick, Urban Legendz, hellatiff on tumblr

**He will be performing at DePaul’s HYPE! 2010-Hip Hop for Hope on May 20**

I’m open to any feedback you all have for me. The next time I attempt one of these I would like it to be even better. YOUR comments will help me to do this.

To those who already know and love this guy, I hope I did him justice. Hope you like it!

P.S. Special thanks to Alex for dealing with me, to Sammy Jo Toledo for being awesome and having such great input, and to Erin Piddington, for everything she does, every time.

Día del Niño Family Festival

Here’s my latest package.

The assignment was to cover a live event. I chose the National Museum of Mexican Art’s 14th annual Día del Niño Family Festival. The more I researched this event, the more impressed I was by how much a small community tradition could grow into a city-wide celebration, if propelled by the right values.

This festival gives children the opportunity to play somewhere other than the inside of their home, since these families often live in areas where playing outside unsupervised is simply not an option. It was nice to see these kids enjoying themselves, while hopefully learning a little something on the side.

Hope you like it. The kids beaming with smiles were my favorite part.

p.s. Thanks to Erin Piddington for getting my butt in gear.