Chinatown’s Pui Tak Center Serves as a Gateway for New Immigrants in Chicago

“They come here to learn, and they come here to make friends.”

The Pui Tak Center, located in Chicago’s historic Chinatown neighborhood, answers this call, according to Transition Services Coordinator Sandy Louie. The Chinese Christian Union Church founded this community center, and it is located one block south of Pui Tak, on Wentworth Avenue.

Nearly 800 students from 16-80 years old, attend classes to their assimilation process, free of charge. State and federal grants fund these classes.


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Quinn Answers Cyclists’ Call: IDOT to Track ‘Dooring’ in Vehicle-Bicycle Crash Counts

Gov. Pat Quinn answered bikers’ call on Monday, April 25. The state now counts ‘dooring’ incidents among vehicle-bicycle crash counts. Prior to this announcement, IDOT did not count these accidents because the motor-vehicles were not in motion. The Chicago Tribune reports these are the most common accidents, and that ‘dooring’ can be fatal.
Chicagoans to took Twitter to share their reactions to this measure. Check out their comments on my Storify post:

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Police Still Investigating Lincoln Park Muggings from Summer 2009

In the summer of 2009, a series of muggings took place in Lincoln Park.

Several men were attacked. The victims were white males in their mid-twenties, and they were walking alone.

Five of these strong-armed robberies were linked, and police believe the other two are related. As of Sept. 1, 2010, no arrests have been made.

Grant Money Allows Gapers Block to Expand

Andrew Huff Photo

Andrew Huff speaks to DePaul students on April 4, 2011. (Photo by Mike Reilley)

By Tiffany Boncan

Andrew Huff has plans to reinvigorate Gapers Block, the hyper-local news blog he founded in 2003.

This website houses stories about Chicago arts, life, politics and sports, submitted by volunteer writers from all over the city.

In 2009, Gapers Block received a $35,000 Chicago Community Trust grant from the Knight Foundation. The foundation wanted to help build a community news source, and the LLC took on the challenge.

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