Chinatown’s Pui Tak Center Serves as a Gateway for New Immigrants in Chicago

“They come here to learn, and they come here to make friends.”

The Pui Tak Center, located in Chicago’s historic Chinatown neighborhood, answers this call, according to Transition Services Coordinator Sandy Louie. The Chinese Christian Union Church founded this community center, and it is located one block south of Pui Tak, on Wentworth Avenue.

Nearly 800 students from 16-80 years old, attend classes to their assimilation process, free of charge. State and federal grants fund these classes.


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On the Sexualization of Young Women in the Media

You can blame the film industry for portaying young women as sex objects…or you can blame yourself. Especially if you are a parent of that sex object.

Parents must be more engaged in raising their sons and daughters. The public can place blame on film and television all they want for portrayals of the female form, and its effect on the self-image these young women create as a result of being exposed to the media. But if parents raise their daughters to be confident in themselves, to be skeptical of popular culture, and to take only what makes them stronger and better from what they watch, young women would be much better off in today’s society.

Transformers 2

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On Writing about Myself

I was asked to write about myself. This is what came out. I hope I can keep you reading until the end. 🙂
I’ve been telling stories for as long as I can remember. But they were always other people’s stories, never my own. There is a certain satisfaction that comes along with sharing the most interesting snippets of life with another, especially with someone who otherwise would have never heard them.