First Package for Good Day DePaul, Our University TV Newsmagazine

Latest package, first for Good Day DePaul. Figured I’d start out with a university story, suggested by our faculty advisor. Not too enthused about this one – should have corrected the lighting for my open, and the editing is a bit quick. Didn’t have a lot of time for turn-around. But… it is what it is, and I’ve put my name on it, so I like it.

I’ve gotten positive feedback so far – but maybe they’re only being nice?

Better stories to come, my friends, better stories to come. Harder, more thought provoking stories. I promise.

So, here we go 🙂

P.S. I forgot how awful it is to lug equipment around. I might just have to do a story on how bad it is for one’s health – especially when you’re as small as I am!

Aspiring to be: Lara Logan

I’ve found a new hero. Late to the game, considering how old these interviews are. But Lara Logan is officially my new idol. She is everything a modern day journalist should be: informed, passionate, resourceful, authoritative, charismatic, and wary of what has become of our industry. Logan was not afraid to speak her mind and address a growing problem in front of the very audience who should listen, who can do something about what’s happening:

Interview on The Daily Show

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